Plan Left

Laravel Developer

At Plan Left, we believe in using the right tool for the job, and we believe in using each tool for its intended design and purpose. As such, we have come to love using the Laravel framework for our larger, enterprise projects due to its flexibility and stability. Success starts with a solid foundation, and we believe that foundation should be built with well-vetted, quality tools only, and we believe that Laravel is one of the best tools out there for that purpose.

We love solving complex problems in elegant ways. We also understand when pragmatism is appropriate. We love talking through those complicated tasks and giving developers the space to have a voice and feel heard. If you’re the type of developer that yearns to use the best and latest available tools for the job, who gets a rush out of solving puzzles, who has a strong desire to continuously keep learning new things, and to be on a team with other developers that “get it”, then we may have the perfect job for you.

Since this is a remote position for a senior developer, our first credentials needed are high self-motivation, excellent time management, and effective communication skills.

The other Bare Minimum™ skills we're looking for are:

  • Strong knowledge and comfort-level building applications using the Laravel framework and supporting packages.
    • Some of the 3rd-party Laravel packages we like include:
      • spatie/laravel-permission
      • panoscape/history
      • stancl/tenancy
      • mpociot/teamwork
  • You should know your way around a shell and have some experience with shell scripting
  • You should know your way around basic Nginx administration tasks and configuration
  • Strong foundational grasp of frontend programming and client-side concepts, technologies, and implementations (HTML5/CSS/Javascript)
  • Strong grasp of Git
  • Strong foundational grasp of software programming concepts, information architecture, and design patterns. We’re not looking for someone that’s good at copying and pasting answers from stackoverflow. We want someone that can explain what they are doing and why they are doing it with confidence. We strongly encourage knowledge sharing and we’re looking for someone to bring their own unique creativity to our team.
  • Strong rational thinking, logic and critical reasoning, and analytical problem solving skills are a must. We frequently encounter complicated business logic problems that require sharp minds capable of abstract and non-linear thinking to tackle
  • Ability to effectively self-QA your work
  • Ability to take initiative and be proactive with workload.
  • Ability to take, give, and discuss constructive criticism
  • Ethical and trustworthy
  • A sense of humor ;)

We’re looking for someone that’s not only a senior-level developer, but also for someone that can make moves with Laravel.. We want the plugin developers, the core framework committers, the bug fixers, the project code maintainers, the enterprise-level engineers. We want passionate developers that are passionate people looking to do work they can feel proud of. We want to be known as the developer’s dev shop and we want you to be a part of something great.

Awesome “be a lot cooler if you did” skills to have:

  • Expert-level bash/shell scripting and server administration
  • Experience with Jira and/or Bitbucket
  • Solid frontend framework experience (we’re big fans of the TALL stack)
  • Experience building multi-tenant SaaS applications
  • Experience building Laravel applications using custom user roles and permissions, middleware, and different authentication methods
  • Experience building admin UX using Nova/Filament/etc…
  • Experience integrating different 3rd-party libraries and APIs into custom projects
  • Experience building and consuming RESTful APIs
  • Experience writing custom Laravel packages/apps
  • Experience with Continuous Integration
  • Experience with Redis and NoSQL technologies
  • Experience with implementing advanced caching and performance strategies
  • Experience with big data projects, collection (both lake and warehouse), transformation, integration, distributed management, computing, etc…

We are only interested in individuals, not agencies.