Plan Left

We’re looking for a high-achieving, visionary sales representative to help take Plan Left to the next level. Our ideal candidate will be experienced, tech savvy, and find it natural to walk into a room full of strangers and start a conversation. We’re not simply selling websites and marketing solutions to our clients here; we are selling ways to increase our prospects’ revenue and we work hard to see our client’s ideas and goals to their fullest potential. This is not the usual “cold calling leads all day” digital sales rep role; we want the big fish with big dreams and we want you to be the person that represents the next phase of Plan Left to the world.


Your primary responsibilities as a Plan Left Sales Representative will be to:

  1. Learn about our company, our vision, and our goals for the future. We feel our perfect sales rep can not be fully-vested in succeeding for us unless they know with 100% certainty who they are working for and what we all are working toward.
  2. Learn about the various pain points and common problems faced by our prospects and clients. To sell a solution, there must be a problem to be solved. In our industry, there is never a shortage of problems to solve, products to innovate, and improvements to be made to existing solutions.
  3. Connect the dots for our prospects and clients to demonstrate how Plan Left’s solutions will solve their pain points. This is all about consultative communication and confidence in the knowledge you hold. Our prospects have needs, and we have the BEST answers.

Other core responsibilities include:

  • Helping businesses grow and increase their revenues.
  • Prospecting for the best leads that fit our vision.
  • Engaging prospects and clients in smart, consultative dialogue.
  • Staying current on internet marketing and technology trends and how to leverage them through meetings and on-going training.
  • Problem-solving and presenting account analyses to new clients.


  • Passion for helping businesses succeed and grow. We want someone that can finesse a client’s vision into a success beyond their dreams.
  • Enthusiastic! We are on the offensive looking for partnerships to cultivate and grow.
  • Tech savvy. We need someone that’s already familiar with our industry and knows the ropes of digital marketing and sales.
  • 3+ years experience selling companies with $2MM+ ARR Digital Marketing solutions.
  • Experience using CRMs.
  • Ideally local to Middle Tennessee.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Quick, efficient computer skills and strong multi-tasking abilities.
  • Eager learner with a natural aptitude for finding clever and creative solutions.


We are looking for a senior/executive salesperson. $70k to $90k base, based on experience and portfolio. Aggressive tiered commission structure with no cap for high performers. Expectations are $120k to $180k for average performance.