Plan Left

Lead Developer

At Plan Left, we believe in building an incredible team as much as, if not more than, building incredible projects and products. We have a dream team of developers and are currently seeking the right person that not only has a natural aptitude for leading, but also can serve as a mentor and a sponsor to the team. We want our lead developer to helm this ship with pride and enthusiasm and pilot us to the shores of success.

Since this is a remote position for a lead developer, our first credentials needed are high self-motivation, excellent time management, and effective communication skills.

We specialize in Wordpress, Drupal, and Laravel projects. We’re looking for someone that can not only lead a team of developers through a project, but someone that can see the forest for the trees. We want someone passionate about what they do and who is looking to do work they can feel proud of. We want to be known as the developer’s dev shop and we want you to be a part of something great.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Serve as the primary escalation point for project development teams
  • Conduct code reviews
  • Manage code releases and release cycles
  • Contribute to feature development and bug crushing as a project requires
  • Ensure your development teams remain unblocked and productive
  • Work with project managers to translate client requests into requirements and development tickets
  • Prepare tickets for the development team
  • Estimate the level of effort required to complete development tickets


  • 4-6 years’ overall engineering experience, including 1-2+ years leading projects and developers
  • 3+ years experience in a development role at a digital agency
  • 3+ years of experience with Drupal, including a deep understanding of the platform
  • Experience with Drupal 7, Drupal 8, and Drupal 9
  • 3+ years of experience with Wordpress, including an understanding of the platform
  • 3+ years of experience with Laravel, including an understanding of the framework
  • 2+ years working with agile methodology and working closely with project managers to plan sprints, flesh out tickets and organize releases
  • Strong enthusiasm for leadership, mentoring, and team-building. You should be a great communicator that loves what you do.
  • Experience with dev-ops, resource planning, and writing technical documentation.
  • Strong foundational grasp of frontend and backend programming along with client-side vs server-side concepts, technologies available, and their implementations.
  • Strong knowledge of systems administration concepts.
  • Strong grasp of git and version control methodologies.
  • Strong experience with performing and managing software deployments.
  • Strong foundational grasp of software programming concepts, information architecture, and design patterns and a natural ability to communicate these concepts between developers, management, and clientele.
  • Strong rational thinking, logic and critical reasoning, and analytical problem solving skills are a must. We frequently encounter complicated business logic problems that require sharp minds capable of abstract and non-linear thinking to tackle.
  • Ability to effectively and professionally communicate with third-party vendors and prospects.
  • Ability to effectively self-QA your work and others work.
  • Ability to take initiative and be proactive with workload.
  • Ability to take, give, and discuss constructive criticism.
  • Based in US (Remote is ok, but US based is a requirement)

Nice to Have

  • Have made Drupal, Laravel, and/or Wordpress contributions
  • You possess in-depth knowledge of modern Drupal architectural standards such as the use of services and the latest module creation best practices
  • Code reviews and continuous integration
  • Experience with project management and related technologies/methodologies.
  • Expert-level bash/shell scripting and server administration
  • Experience with Jira and/or Bitbucket
  • Ionic app development experience
  • Node.js experience
  • Solid frontend framework experience with software such as Bootstrap/Foundation, React, Vue, AngularJS, Inertia.js, and/or the TALL stack (Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, Laravel and Livewire)
  • Experience integrating different 3rd-party libraries and APIs into custom projects
  • Experience building and consuming RESTful APIs
  • Experience with Redis and NoSQL technologies
  • Experience with implementing advanced caching and performance strategies
  • Experience with big data projects, collection (both lake and warehouse), transformation, integration, distributed management, computing, etc.

We are only interested in individuals, not agencies.